Customer Experience Software

The waitlist management app that increases revenue and improves customer satisfaction.

We:Queue is a cloud-based queueing system that organizes queues on a digital platform to allow for maximum efficiency and transparency with customers. When a customer wants to be added to the queue, a member of staff inputs their name and phone number into the system, and the customer receives a text with a link to their personal waiting page. The page gives the customer real time updates of their place in the queue so they have the freedom to roam while they wait. When their turn is up, the customer receives another SMS text letting them know to make their way back to the location, allowing for a streamlined seating process.

With the host view, staff members can see how long customers have waited compared to their estimated wait, allowing for complete transparency with customers. Customers will be satisfied knowing exactly how much free time they have until their turn in the queue.

Managers have the ability to monitor locations, wait times, efficiencies and more in the admin dashboard, making it easy to understand how to optimize their business accordingly. We:Queue - The wait is over.